Foundations – #1 Creation – Small Group Questions

Foundations – #1 Creation

Gen 1 – 2:3

Home Group Study Questions

“Creation is as historically real as the history of the Jews and our present moment of time. Both the Old and the New Testaments deliberately root themselves back into the early chapters of Genesis, insisting that they are a record of historical events” – Francis Schaeffer

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What accounts for the pressure to read Genesis 1 through the eyes of 21st Century evolutionary ideology?

• What are the best ways to counter this pressure?

Do you think it is possible for a person to be a Christian and still accept evolution?

Which has the greater authority: western science or the Bible? Are there ever instances where we should accept the voice of science over what the Bible says?

Read Col 1:15-23. What reason would Paul have had to start this section with an assertion grounded in the eternal nature of Christ?

“If God is creator, you as a creature are accountable to him” What are the key implications of this reality?

What advantages are there in referring to creation when sharing the Gospel with others?

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