How do I get off the treadmill? (Fathers Day 2014) – Group Questions

Discussion Questions:

Share together about the best models of fatherhood you have seen, and what it was that made them great.

Why do you think fathers (or men in general) find it so easy to focus on achievement? Do you think it’s any different for mothers (or women)?

How might these desires be driven by unresolved inner hunger?

Read: Phil 3:7-11

Paul talks about the sheer superiority of knowing Christ compared to anything else he had achieved. Is it that simple? How does what Jesus has done render everything else so powerless?

Jesus frees people from the treadmill of achievement to concentrate on things that really matter. What might ‘the things that really matter’ be for the members of your group?

“Our children will remember us more for our time and our love than our money or the things we might give.” What are the best examples of this you have seen? Where might this idea be reflected in God’s word?

How can we pass on the importance of faith to our children without it being ‘stuck on’ or ‘forced’?

What could we do as a church community to get fathers together and provide a context to bring Jesus’ new life to expression?

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