God’s Plan to Address Injustice: Group Study Questions

These questions are relevant to the sermon “God’s Plan to End Injustice“, preached at Gateway Community Church on March 22, 2015

Reading: Luke 10:25-37

  1. It seems you don’t have to talk about Christianity for too long before someone says, ‘One of the issues I have with God is that there is so much evil in the world: Why isn’t he doing something about it?’
    1. Has anyone ever challenged you with that question? Share your experiences
  2. What do you think drove the teacher of the law to want to justify himself? What might have been some of the factors here?
  3. Christians take great comfort from the truth that in the New Heavens and the New Earth God will end all injustice (see Rev 21 and 22). Why is focussing on that aspect alone an insufficient response to the injustices around us?
  4. Who are the people in our community that we would struggle to recognise as our neighbour?
  5. If responding to need and injustice was so prominent in the ministry of Jesus, what reasons would the church today have for not doing the same?
  6. Sometimes we might have a concern that mercy and aid we show might not be responsibly used by those who receive it. How does the Gospel influence how we manage that tension?
  7. In closing: share your thoughts on who you regard as the best modern day ‘good samaritans’

A prayer:

“Lord, open my eyes to how I can be part of your plan. 

Open my eyes to how we in our church can engage with your plan. 

Open our eyes and our heart to 

the people we need to see, 

to the situations we need to address, 

to the dark places, 

the broken lives, 

where the light of your Gospel needs to shine, 

and where the love, grace and forgiveness of your Son will bring healing.”

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