DEEP – Thirsty – Group Study Questions

Read Psalm 42


  • Think of a time when you were really thirsty: what was it like? How did it affect you?


  • How would you define spiritual dryness? What would be the symptoms of spiritual thirst in a person’s life?
    • Do you think it’s possible for a Christian to feel spiritual thirst? How common might this be?
  • What kind of life circumstances might contribute to spiritual thirst?
  • Do you think God sometimes allows us to feel spiritual thirst – what purpose might this serve?
  • What did the Psalmist do to resolve his spiritual thirst?

Read John 4:1-26

  • Jesus talks about living water in John 4:13-14 – what do you find appealing about the metaphor Jesus uses?
  • What do you think it means to drink Jesus’ living water (v.14)?
  • Share some stories about people whom you thought seemed to be ‘overflowing with living water’ – how was this seen in their life?


  • Spend some time praying for one another’s areas of thirst, asking that Jesus would pour his living water into our lives
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