Like a Mother with Her Child – Group Study Questions

Intro: Share your most dominant memory of your mother…

Read Psalm 103 and Isaiah 66:10-13

Ask a few parents to share their experiences of how their feelings toward their children deepened their understanding of God. Choose a few from the following list:

  • the faithfulness of God,
  • his unconditional love,
  • God’s protection (Ps 17:8);
  • God’s patience (Hosea 11:3);
  • God’s desire to protect from harm (Matt 23:37);
  • God’s comfort and compassion (Is 66:13);
  • his desire for his children to thrive (John 10:10)

Discuss the extent and limitations of projecting our experiences onto God (the theological term is ‘anthropomorphism’ – how we speak of God in human terms so we can understand him better). Is there ever a time when this is inappropriate?

How does the reality of Jesus as true man and true God impact on this question (above)? Read Hebrews 2:10-18 for some additional information.

Close: share some prayers of praise for God’s human-like attributes, and for how these have come to expression in Jesus.

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