Baptism and Children: Group Study Questions


If you have recently witnessed a baby being baptised, what thoughts did you have at the time?

Thinking about the babies we often see in baptism: think of as many adjectives as you can to describe that child. From that list, which ones really stand out to you?

Read Genesis 17, Acts 2:22-24, 36-39

In Genesis 17, the Lord established the covenant with Abraham and Isaac, although Isaac had not even been born.

What does this tell us about what the Lord was doing?

Read Genesis 17:9-14. To whom was Abraham required to give this covenant sign of circumcision? Discuss the amount of say these people might have had in the matter. What does this tell us about how the Lord works?

In addition to the idea of promise, what other imagery is revealed in baptism? How might these things relate to little children?

What responsibilities does baptism place on those who are baptised?

Are there any other questions you have about infants and baptism? Have someone write them down and post them on the blog at – add the questions as comments under the sermon text.

In closing: Pray for our churches and families to be the best places for little children to see what it means to follow Jesus and love him.

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