Holiness: Why It’s Worth It – Group Study Questions

Read: 1 Peter 1:17-21

This section starts with the idea of God’s impartial judgement. What are your thoughts or feelings about standing before God as judge? Does this idea bring you hope or despair? How does this thought encourage you to live a holy life?

Read Philippians 3:4b-11

When Paul looks at all his past (pre-conversion) achievements as learned Pharisee, he regards it as skubala – filthy dung, excrement, rotten rubbish. Does that mean there was no good at all in that he did? Do we need to say that everything we do outside of Christ is filth? What of the world’s great achievers who are not Christians? What are we really to understand about the assertions in Phil 3:8 and 1 Peter 1:18?

Moving back to 1 Peter, in what sense can you relate to Peter’s words about a past life of emptiness? Give that Peter’s words might be read as somewhat strong, how might you use what Peter says in an evangelistic context?

Peter’s three reasons for living a life of reverent fear revolve around 1) Judgement 2) Emptiness of one’s former life and 3) the cost of redemption. Which of these is most powerful and compelling for you? Which of these is most inclined to elicit change in the lives of others?

Share one area where God is challenging you to changed behaviour or attitudes, and then pray for one another as you close.

Through the week encourage, support and pray for one another as you embark on the path of holiness Christ is calling you into.

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